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Five T’s for mosquito prevention

Tip – tip over and small objects that hold water – toys, plant saucers, buckets, etc.

Toss – toss any trash that is accumulating water – paint buckets, plant containers, plastic bags, even things as small as 20 oz bottle caps.

Turn over – similar to tip, but pertains to larger objects like boats, wheel barrows, etc.

Tarps – eliminate tarps. We are all guilty of covering wood piles, boats, jet skis, etc. Eliminate them or make certain that they are tethered tight so as to not accumulate water

Treat – when the water source cannot be eliminated, treat accordingly. Ponds, bird baths, down spouts and drain tiles, catch basins, etc.

When it comes to mosquitoes, any standing water is their friend and your enemy. Even a Coca Cola cap is a large enough amount of standing water for mosquitoes to breed. These tips above will help you keep an eye on potential breeding grounds in your yard.