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Be In The Know Before You Go

Spring is right around the corner, and so is spring break for many schools and universities around the country. Many spring breakers plan to head to the coastline in search of warmer weather during this time. Florida, Cancun and the Bahamas are popular spring break destinations for their tropical climate and beautiful sandy beaches. Spring break in many areas of the country has become a right of passage, for a lot of young men and women this is the first trip without mom and dad. Whether this is the case, or you are planning spring break with the family to an island getaway, with warmer temperatures comes an uninvited guest…….the mosquito.

The mosquito has already reared it’s ugly head in warmer locations around the country and around the world. When you plan your tropical trip make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen, and the bug repellent. Many of us plan to travel without taking into consideration the insects that inhabit our destinations. It is a real bummer to go down to the beach on the first day of your spring break or vacation ready to relax and have a good time only to end up covered in itchy red bites a half hour into the day. Thankfully, there are many precautions you can take against these little pests. Keep yourself “in the know when you go”. Remember: knowledge is power and if you are prepared with the knowledge to keep the mosquitoes off you then they won’t have the power to ruin your vacation.

Mosquitoes are at their most active late in the afternoon through early evening. This does not mean they cannot bite at other times throughout the day. If you are planning a hike or picnic or any other activity through or close to a wooded area, for example, at lunchtime, the probability of getting bitten if not protected is highly possible. Mosquitoes will retreat during the warmest part of the day to cooler spots such as a wooded area, or natural setting to avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat. This means they can still bite in a vast array of settings, even during the middle of the day.

Mosquitoes are also attracted to us by carbon monoxide. The more buddies you bring to that beach volleyball game before dinner unprotected will more than likely end up as the buffet item for the nearby mosquitoes. As you participate in any strenuous activity you take deeper breaths, and breath heavier, when you exhale there is more carbon monoxide, thus attracting the mosquitoes

All is not lost folks, don’t trade out your reservations to Key West to head to Colorado or Montana. Like I mentioned earlier “be in the know before you go”, this means thinking ahead and making sure you are prepared. Make sure you pack a good quality insect repellent. Make sure when applying the insect repellent it is applied after the sunscreen. Also make sure to pack long pants, a jacket and a hat, if planning outings near the woods or forest. If sleeping in non air-conditioned or non screened areas make sure the facilities you are staying at have nets to sleep under. It is also a good idea in some areas to mist the net with insect repellent.

Planning your spring break abroad to assure you are mosquito bite free is easy. Even if you aren’t planning on traveling and deciding to stay home for spring break, these same precautions are smart to use if the mosquitoes have hatched in your necks of the woods. If planning any backyard activities it is also a good idea to have a licensed professional treat the area. Give your local Mosquito Squad representative a call, they will ensure you can have a vacation anytime in your own backyard, now -go have some fun.