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Living Tick Free this Season

Did you know that in many states ticks have already made their appearance marking the beginning of the tick season? It’s true many of you have already seen a tick or had to remove one from yourself or your pet. With the appearance of ticks comes a multitude of feelings from taking extra precautions to all out panic in some people.

The tendency to panic over ticks is understandable. Not only do ticks make us squeamish at the sight of them. They are very dangerous with the diseases they harbor that can make us ill, and in some cases can be fatal. Diseases such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are just a few of the diseases we can contract from a tick bite.

Guard yourself against the presence of ticks in your lawn and garden this season by calling a licensed professional to discuss getting a barrier treatment to help discourage the presence of ticks.

The most opportune time to get this barrier treatment applied is during the early spring prior to peak tick season when nymphal ticks emerge and are seeking blood hosts.

The prevention of tick borne illness and disease is complex. Keeping mulch barriers, wearing protective clothing, and frequent “tick checks” after being outdoor all play a key role in staying tick free this season. Mosquito Squad can apply a barrier to prevent infestation within your immediate yard. Our goal is to keep everyone healthy, and happy this tick season by arming you with the knowledge and mechanisms to keep you tick free.