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Grandma Lionni never has any mosquitoes in her open-air kitchen

You know how some people get attacked by mosquitoes and others don’t seem to be bothered at all? I am the former – I am a veritable mosquito magnet. I can’t walk to the car without getting at least one mosquito bite. Luckily I have Mosquito Squad at my home but keep bug repellent in my car for every time I leave the yard.

“One in 10 people are highly attractive to mosquitoes”

-Jerry Butler, PhD, professor emeritus at the University of Florida.

If you research the internet to see why mosquitoes like some people better than others, you will find a few theories but no definitive answer. But most experts agree that a combination of several factors contribute to the human mosquito magnet phenomenon. One big factor that is confirmed scientifically is that mosquitoes are attracted to CO2 in the air. Humans emit CO2 and some humans emit more of this chemical than others. Therefore, mosquitoes are more easily attracted to humans with more CO2.

You may have heard of lots of different types of natural mosquito treatments. We use a garlic-based natural product. Garlic masks biting insects’ CO2 receptors. The garlic smell makes them unable to smell the CO2 which attracts them to their next blood meal – people like you and I.

Here’s how it works. Whereas with our traditional product where we mist your yard ever 3 weeks, with the naturalgarlic product, we mist your yard every two weeks. This mist kills the mosquitoes on contact and lingers for the next two weeks to repel the remaining and new mosquitoes.

So here’s the big question. How badly does it smell? We all love the smell of garlic at a great Italian restaurant or when we’re cooking at home but we don’t want to smell garlic every time we walk out the back door. Good news – you won’t. After the product is applied, the garlic odor lingers for only about 4 hours. After that, you will not detect the garlic smell. But the mosquitoes will. Mosquitoes sense of smell is magnified at 10,000 times stronger than humans so they continue to smell the garlic and stay away.

It’s environmentally safe, and it works. Give a call to one of our locations to talk about using the naturalgarlic product to protect your yard.