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Can old people really not hear certain mosquito frequencies?

I remembered hearing something a couple of years ago about ringtones that teens have that are at a frequency that only they can hear and adults can’t hear them. It’s true.

Take a visit to this mosquito ring tones website. They have samples of the tones that various age groups could hear. This website has ringtones for 18 & younger, 24 & younger, 30 & younger, etc. So, being a skeptic, I immediately played the ringtone for 18 and younger. Well, either the audio clip wasn’t working or I had my sound on mute because I didn’t hear anything. So I checked the volume on my computer and indeed the volume was up.

Just to check that there could be any validity to the theory, I clicked on the 60 & under ringtone. I heard it just fine. Of course, now that I had my sound check I had to go back to the 18 & younger to see that in fact, I still couldn’t hear it. Much to my total surprise, my ability to hear the frequency matched perfectly with my age group.

So why, you might ask, would someone come up with such silly mosquito ringtones?

Well, apparently the purpose is so teens can hear alerts for text messages and other messages while they are at school.

Go figure!