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How to Tell if You're a Mosquito Magnet

Have you ever been at a barbeque or some outdoor party and gotten a ton of mosquito bites-and your friend only got a few? I know I have.

My mom used to tell me that bugs are attracted to me because I’m “especially sweet.” Yeah…thanks.

This article I found on Web MD showed that mosquitoes are more attracted to certain people for scientific reasons. Since the top reason was genetics, I guess I can thank my mom for being so sweet.

Check out the article to find other reasons you might be a “mosquito magnet.”

The article also mentions that, while some locations may have more mosquitoes than others, no area is truly immune. If  you are “especially sweet,” like me, then you  might want to try out Mosquito Squad. It’s a great alternative to using a personal repellent and will protect you and everyone on your property from those blood suckers.