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Mosquito Protection for your wedding

You know those people who are walking mosquito magnets? I’m one of them. I’ve often scoured the web looking for understanding about why some people get so many more bites than others. Since I’m probably atop the list of those people who get more bites than others, I often fear going to a long outdoor event – or even a short one for that matter.

The mosquitoes come straight to me. I get so frustrated that I slap and whap at them – which doesn’t bode well for an outdoor event where slaps and whaps make for inappropriate audible gaffes. It’s not that bad that I would preclude myself from being the maid of honor at a wedding but is certainly something I think about when planning to attend an outdoor event.

So, if avoiding the outdoor event is a really dumb option, can I figure out what attracts the little buggers to me?

Here are some of the ideas I’ve had and researched online:

Are sensory sensitive people more prone to bites?

I must confess, I’m one of those people who cuts every tag out of their shirts, shorts, pants, and every other article of clothing. This is good for hiding your current clothing size but not good if you hope to sell those clothes on eBay one day.  Even having a tag on my shirt for 30 minutes will cause a big red mark on my skin and lots of scratching. So, I looked online to see if I could find a connection with sensory sensitivity and mosquito bites. Nada.

Does eating garlic keep the mosquitoes at bay?

My mother-in-law knows so many great natural cures. One of her favorite natural cures is vinegar which I have found to have many uses. She recommended that I take garlic supplements. I looked online to see if this helps. No proof.

If you’re planning your outdoor wedding, whether or not you’re a personal mosquito magnet, you will likely want to protect your guests so they can have maximum enjoyment at your outdoor wedding or other event.

The great thing about the Mosquito Squad mist is they can come to wherever your event is going to be. Whether it’s at a lake shore, out in the country, in your backyard or at a beautiful old mansion, the squad will come to your location.

The mist will continue to affect the area for about 3 weeks so here’s the great part. If you’re having your wedding in your backyard or at your club, you and the people who live and hang out there can continue to enjoy the area – bug-free – for a couple weeks after.

OK, here’s how you do it. Contact your local Mosquito Squad in advance. Schedule the mist for 1-3 days before your event and you’re all set!