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Know Thy Enemy: Learning Basic Mosquito Control Measures at Home

With summer comes hot, humid weather. For most of us it’s just a matter of discomfort, but for mosquitoes, it’s paradise. You’re already familiar with the annoyances that mosquitoes can cause: the bites, the itching, and the buzzing. But are you aware that mosquitoes are also one of nature’s most-efficient transmitters of disease? Though rare, those dangers make it all the more important that you learn basic mosquito control techniques, beginning with the best ways to control mosquitoes in and around your home.

Limit breeding habitat

Backyard mosquito control starts with hitting them where they live and breed. Look first for places in your yard and around your house that are ideal breeding areas—generally anywhere that has standing water. This can range from hollows and pockets of old rainwater to gutters, birdbaths, or any container wherein water has been allowed to collect and sit. Start by cleaning out these breeding grounds, making sure to drain them regularly. Finally, look for ways to promote drainage in difficult or easily missed containers. For example, drill a few holes into the bottom of your garbage cans to help drain any rainwater that might collect there.

Prepare indoor defense

Good household mosquito control means keeping the battle against the bugs outside the house. Just like any good general, you need to check your house for any possible points of entry. This means patching up any holes in screen doors or windows (or replacing damaged screens). In addition, make sure that your indoor plants don’t become accidental breeding grounds for any mosquitoes that penetrate your defenses by using citronella candles to keep them away.

Call in the cavalry

As long as there have been mosquitoes, there have been people trying to keep them away. That means there is a wide variety of tried-and-true mosquito repellents for you to turn to. Citronella, castor oil, and a number of commercial and homemade remedies are available for basic mosquito control, each with varying levels of effectiveness. Still, sometimes even the most dedicated homeowner can’t hold out against a heavy infestation—especially when a ripe mosquito breeding ground can see millions of eggs turn into swarms of adults within days. In that case, your best option is to turn to professionals like the Mosquito Squad. These experienced exterminators can eliminate the pests and their eggs and give you back your comfort and peace of mind.

These basic backyard mosquito control systems are the key to keeping your family free of the danger, disease, and discomfort that mosquitoes can cause. Just a few guidelines and a bit of vigilance can be the difference between enjoying your summer or spending it hiding, itching, and wishing you’d called in the Mosquito Squad.