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How does mosquito misting work?

People often ask how the Mosquito Product works and always ask if it’s OK to use in their yard and with their family, their kids and their pets. The answer is a resounding yes. It’s safe across the board.

Our primary product at Mosquito Squad is a barrier treatment. Our applicators come to your yard and mist the entire inner and outer perimeter with a fine mist of mosquito and tick control mist. A lot of customers ask if the mist is a fog. It’s not a fog. It’s a very fine mist that attaches quickly to insects and natural areas.

Two things happen when your yard is misted. First, the mist will attach itself to insects including mosquitoes and ticks causing them to die very soon after contact. The second thing the mist will do is adhere to foliage and structures in your yard. There is no palpable residue. This mist is micro-encapsulated to allow a timed release of the product over the period of 3 weeks.

The primary ingredient in our product is a pyrethrin which is an environmentally friendly synthetic derivative or chrysanthemums.  Pyrethrins were first used in the equestrian industry to keep flies and other insects away from horses.

This past weekend, I was enjoying taking some photos of these beautiful cows. As I looked at them from far away, I noticed hundreds of small brown spots all over their torsos. As I zoomed in with my camera, I realized they were bugs. I wondered why the cow didn’t seem to mind having so many bugs all over its body. Perhaps he could not easily reach the area to remove them. Or perhaps they would just instantly return if he did swat them off with his tail.

The Mosquito Squad mist keeps the mosquitoes and ticks out of an entire area so you don’t need to focus on removing them from people and pets.