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Expert Procedures to Control the Mosquito Menace

There will be bad weather; there will be traffic gridlocks; and there will be delays. The one thing that will still be the most annoying of them all, however, is a mosquito. Mosquitoes are the biggest adversaries of quality outdoor time. Their bite causes a terribly unpleasant itch and gets really annoying, but what’s even worse is the fact that these tiny insects are carriers of some of the worst diseases, like dengue, west nile virus and malaria.

These annoying little creatures found their way to all possible corners of the world by hitching rides on ships and aircrafts. They’ve adapted and evolved over time and grown resistant to a variety of insect repellants, making it exceedingly difficult to fight this scourge. Some uniquely targeted and innovative approaches are now required to get rid of these pests. What you need is some of the specialized solutions offered by Mosquito Squad and other dependable companies.

One of the most-dreaded diseases spread by mosquitoes, the West Nile Virus is notorious for having killed 286 Americans in 2012. This incident really rattled people in the Western hemisphere and prompted the search for groundbreaking solutions for mosquito protection. This virus directly affects the central nervous system, and when combined by the Lyme disease that is caused by ticks, becomes a truly daunting situation for those who like to spend time outdoors. In fact, as opposed to the increased risk in the evenings and night, many species of mosquitoes attack during the day. Dengue-carrying mosquitoes belong in this category. This means that you could be in trouble outdoors, even if it is broad daylight.

The need to fight this menace is urgent. There are several methods being used popularly, but most of them don’t work all too well. Mosquito-repellent creams applied directly to the skin work only for a few hours. Plus, they can be oily, inconvenient, and even harmful at times. The ultrasound devices that claim silent, safe, and odorless mosquito repulsion are rather sketchy.

What you should rely on, however, are some truly effective mosquito-control systems, such as those offered by companies like Mosquito Squad. Barrier misting, misting and awareness education are some of these. Barrier sprays involving applying a mosquito control product to the vegetation where mosquitoes are known to harbor and feed. Misting involves short bursts of mist 3-4 times a day. This is done using a discreet nozzle system that is fairly easy to use at home.

Of all, one of the most helpful ways of keeping mosquitoes off your property is by understanding how they breed and propagate, and subsequently, not giving them the ideal conditions to breed in the first place. When you have the right mosquito-control experts by your side, you can keep these harmful and greatly annoying insects away from your property for good.