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Effective Mosquito Control Can Help Improve Your Children's Health

A July 25, 2013 article on the USA Today website suggests mosquitoes are denying children outdoor play, which could contribute to the already rising obesity rates. Mosquitoes, particularly those of the Asian tiger variety, breed in such large quantities that they can discourage kids from going outside to play. When the mosquitoes come out during the summer, kids would rather lounge around indoors instead of getting physical activity outside. This can be troubling to parents who want to protect their kids from mosquito-borne diseases, while still encouraging them to be physically active outdoors.

No parent would ever want his or her child to become covered in mosquito bites. Every year these dangerous insects are responsible for thousands of deaths all over the world. That doesn’t mean moms and dads should keep their kids inside out of fear. The best solution is to install outdoor mosquito control measures with help from pest control companies like Mosquito Squad.

USA Today’s report follows the study of the Rutgers University, which explores the correlation between the presence of mosquitoes and the decrease of outdoor activity in children. The survey uncovered that households lose close to two hours’ worth of outdoor play because of mosquitoes.

The Asian tiger mosquito was first sighted in the U.S. around 1985 and may have come over from Japan. Since then, its population has ballooned to almost innumerable figures. Although most Asian tiger mosquitoes don’t host any serious diseases like the West Nile virus in this part of the world, they’re still a nuisance to kids who don’t want to be bitten by the insect. Experts are also concerned that the radical changes in climate may cause the Asian tiger mosquito to start carrying diseases of their own.

Kids need their outdoor games in order to maintain a healthy physique. However, being outdoors could also invite mosquitoes that are riddled with horrible diseases. It can’t be stressed enough that every playground should be made mosquito-free to encourage more children to play on them.

All kids deserve some time outdoors for more active play, but mosquitoes will quickly ruin it regardless if it results in a serious illness. Parents should consider investing in mosquito control systems that will permanently get rid of the insects and help control their population. You can also opt to use mosquito prevention systems that just ward away the insects. Either method will keep your yard secure from those troublesome, bloodsucking pests.