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Beat the Bloodsuckers: Control Mosquito and Tick Infestation

Ah, summer. This is the time to unwind, relax, and tackle those outdoor activities you’ve been putting off during the school year. Children, especially, spend much of their time outdoors in the water, or simply playing tag in the grass. While all of this fun is to be enjoyed, summer also brings with it the classic attacks from ticks and mosquitoes. The breeding and feeding season of these pests just happens to coincide with the best time of year to be outdoors.

Despite the frustration of mosquito and tick bites, there is a worse result of their bloodsucking tendencies – disease. Mosquitoes are carriers of some of the deadliest diseases, maiming and even killing their victims. Effective mosquito control is the only solution, allowing you to maintain a safe distance from these irritating bugs and avoid being bitten by their infected pokes.

Despite their small size, mosquitoes are considered to be in the class of the most dangerous animals known to us. This is attributed to their role as hosts for transmission of dangerous diseases. The World Health Organization has even spent a considerable amount of time and resources in the direction of controlling global pandemics that can be brought on by these pests. Even with these efforts, the number of fatalities by mosquito bites equals more than fatalities caused by all other members of the animal kingdom combined.

Though ticks may not have wings like the mosquito, these arachnid bloodsuckers carry their own multitude of disease. Ticks can pass on transmittable diseases such as meningoencephalitis, Lyme disease, babesiosis, and even tularemia, which are also potentially fatal to humans, should they be infected with it. Ticks can even infect animals and children, as their choice of victim is irrelevant.

Medical complications such as the above listed should not have to be encountered by any family, which is why homeowners need to equip their yards with tick control and mosquito control options. Pest control businesses such as Mosquito Squad have the ability to install unique misting systems that can be programmed to periodically release a pest control product. This kind of product would certainly limit contact with these bloodthirsty winged animals.

Vermin such as mosquitoes and ticks can make even the simple task of going out for a walk more dangerous than you would like. The family garden could be a haven for an inordinate number of these creatures. The longer they are allowed to stay, the more likely it is for your family members to contract diseases. Thus, professional pest control companies should be enlisted to handle the threat to human health safely and properly.