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Abandoned Pools Pose Big Threat

Across the country over the last couple years, the once fun and relaxing neighborhood swimming pools are quickly turning into the breeding ground for mosquitoes and West Nile virus. As I read through some of the stories posted on-line, I was surprised to see some of the figures surrounding this idea.

In California alone: “California officials estimate that there are tens of thousands of abandoned pools in the state”

Another troubling sign to emphasize the failure to maintain pools is the overall drop in sales: “A pool builder in north Phoenix who estimated business was off 40 percent to 70 percent. Business is just as bad in Florida, where builders like Ben Evans, the chief executive at American Pools and Spas in Orlando, said he had let much of his staff go as orders for pools dropped to 150 this year, from about 1,000 the previous year.”

If I was a baby mosquito, that’s where I’d want to grow up!

These abandoned pools have turned into a mosquito breeding paradise. As a result cases of West Nile Virus, even in densely populated cities, are rising at alarming rates. Actions are being taken to solve this problem by treating the pools, but with so many our there it is a tough battle that will take time.

Mosquitoes travel up to one mile from their original breeding grounds. To protect your yard and your family from being at risk, as about a Mosquito Squad barrier treatment for your home. Enjoy the outdoors without the worry or risk!