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A BBQ party for 20 people after the rain and not one reported bite

Mosquito Squad sprays my yard every 3 weeks. As the official #1 mosquito magnet, I generally try to see if I start to get some bites toward the end of my mosquito mist cycle. Only one time did I notice this. The mist works by attaching itself to greenery – plants, shrubs, tree leaves, etc. One of my favorite places to sit is my front porch. I decided to completely prune all my hedges on the front porch to where there were no longer any leaves on them. They were completely unruly and it was still early enough in the season to do so.

I generally sit outside about 30-60 minutes each night depending on whether I have a good book or how long the kids are playing out front. After pruning my hedges that line the front porch, I did report 2 bites one night toward the end of my last misting cycle (the 3-wk cycle). Previous to have Mosquito Squad, I could easily get 10-15 bites in a 30 minute period outside.

I’m a researcher by nature. I love nothing more than spreadsheets, tabulations, and reading the results of scientific studies – yes, Geek with a capital G. But, I decided to continue my research this weekend since we were having no less than 20 people over for a backyard BBQ.

I have our yard sign out front so many of our guests asked about Mosquito Squad when they came. But I told the guests I worked with Mosquito Squad and asked them if they wouldn’t mind reporting if they got any mosquito bites during the party. I didn’t have a spreadsheet ready but would have been glad to make one if necessary. I can report that none of our guests reported even one bite during the 2-hour long outdoor party.

It’s amazing the difference mosquitoes make with outdoor parties. I attended an outdoor graduation party on Saturday night. The neighbor is only a couple houses down. After 2 hours, I was covered with bites on my legs and arms. Frustrated with the itching, I excused myself early and went home to take a bath in bug bite ointment.

Next time I go to an outdoor party outside my yard, I will mist myself down before I go.