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Q & A with Dread Skeeter

Today, we had the honor of sitting down with our mascot here at Mosquito Squad, Dread Skeeter. Along with being the face of Mosquito Squad, his determination to kill those pesky bugs around the world has made him an expert on all things mosquito. We asked him a few questions today, but Dread wants to answer your questions too. Send them in and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Q: What makes Mosquito Squad different from other pest control methods?

Dread: What DOESN’T make Mosquito Squad different? We’re not one of those companies that will come in and try to kill everything in sight. Let me tell you, I saw one of those companies yesterday at a neighbor’s house. They misted the whole lawn with tons of chemicals, and the family didn’t even want the dog to go outside and be exposed to it afterwards!

Here at Mosquito Squad, we only mist the areas where mosquitoes feed; not the lawn. And our mist is eco-friendly…can those other companies say that? In fact, the whole family can use the yard right after it’s been misted-it’s that great.

Q: So the product is a mist? How does it work?

Dread: We provide 3 services here at Mosquito Squad: the 21 day barrier treatment, the automatic misting system, and the special event mist. The 21 day barrier treatment has become very popular among neighborhoods around the county. For 21 days, you’ll have a mosquito- and tick-free yard. Once people find out how effective they are, they usually set up a system to have the barrier treatment redone throughout the year.

The automatic misting sytems use the same product, but their design is more similar to a sprinkler system. They’re set up to mist the product a few times during the day, keeping your yard mosquito-free.

Lastly, the special event mist is the perfect service to keep your big day, whatever it may be, bug-free. The last thing you want at a wedding is to have people complaining about mosquito bites all day long. During the summer, everyone wants to be outside, but even the most hardcore outdoorsy types will leave a barbeque if they’re being attacked by bugs left and right. The special event mist takes care of that problem, leaving the guests happy and relaxed.

Q: Mosquitoes are really annoying, and on top of that, I heard they carry diseases too. Is that true?

Dread: It is, unfortunately. Mosquitoes can carry the West Nile Virus, which can lead to illness or even death. There have been over 3,700 cases in the United States since 1999, and 1,300 of those cases just happened within the last year. That’s almost 40% of all the cases. That tells me West Nile Virus is becoming a bigger problem-and so are mosquitoes.

Ticks can carry diseases too-did you know that? The scariest of those is Lyme Disease, which can cause disabling symptoms if it isn’t caught early. It’s hard to believe that these tiny little bugs can cause so much harm.

That’s pretty shocking! Thanks for answering our questions today, Dread. I look forward to speaking with you again next week!