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Mosquito Horror Stories!

I think we all have heard some crazy stories about people encountering mosquitoes, but check this one out about a romantic night gone wrong:

“When my husband and I were first married we stayed the weekend at my parent’s vacation home in Nevada. We decided it would be romantic to lie out on the grass after swimming and watch the stars.  When we finally went inside I realized my armpit felt funny. Somewhere along the lines of stargazing, some sort of creature had flown into my armpit and made lunch out of my who knows what.  It swelled to the size of a golf ball and I enjoyed a pleasant panic attack thinking it was some killer spider and that there wasn’t a hospital within an hour of us. I’m pretty sure I just cried myself into hysterics until I fell asleep.  I obviously didn’t die, but bug bites in your armpit? Stink.”

You might not know, but mosquitoes are attracted to perfumes and lotions which may have been the issue for this poor lady. However, if the property had been treated before hand I’m sure the night would have ended differently. Look into effective eco-friendly treatments to keep this from happening to you!