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West Nile Virus confirmed in mosquitoes in South Jersey

Now is the time to treat for mosquitoes and also work on eliminating standing water. You really need to treat the source and treat the problem. Just because it’s been dry and hot doesn’t mean that mosquito breeding grounds are scarce. Mosquitoes need as little as a soda bottle cap to breed. Standing water is in more places in your yard than you think – gutters, wheel barrels, potted plant dishes, toys, outdoor grills and so many other areas. Take a walk around your yard looking for anything that can collect water. If possible, tip it over in a manner that won’t collect water in the future. Permanently store things like your wheel barrel in a tipped-t0-the-side position.

The city of Alexandria, VA has a wonderful page on their website with educational information about preventing and getting rid of areas where mosquitoes breed.

Steve Pazienza of Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel NJ serves Burlington County and Camden County NJ. Mosquito Squad barrier treatment will reduce mosquitoes in your yard by up to 90 – 95%. Kill your chance of coming in contact with mosquitoes infected with West Nile Virus.