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Malaria part of the Millennium Development Goals for the U.N.

It continues to amaze me how often the saying “starving children in Africa” comes up in my household. Not only did my parents talk about it but I have obviously said this many times to my children. And never is this used more than in a period of gluttony such as Thanksgiving. I know gluttony is a strong word but in all reality, it is a day that we Americans have a name for the effect of over-stuffing ourselves with food. And further, this season of over-indulging will last for at least another month.

“Why don’t you give that to the starving children in Africa”

The children in Africa are dying of much more than hunger. They’re dropping in droves from Malaria. Malaria kills one child every 45 seconds in Africa. But, in order to fight any problem of this scope, there needs to be massive, concerted efforts to end the dying. The U.N has established Millennium Development Goals for the international organization. One of these 8 goals is to to combat Malaria and other raging diseases including HIV/AIDS.

So we have the infrastructure, now what?

Mosquito Squad has teamed up with Malaria No More to help save lives in Africa. Although this is a huge problem, this is a disease we can eradicate. The United States was able to successfully eradicate the disease in 1951. It can be done.

Nothing but nets – and you can make a slam dunk.

One of the best ways to treat Malaria is to prevent Malaria in Africa. Disease-carrying mosquitoes bit mostly from dusk until dawn while children and adults sleep.