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Can Mosquitoes Help to Cure Disease Instead of Transmit it?

According to Malaria No More, 3,000 children die every day from Malaria, a disease spread my mosquitoes, but new research is looking into whether or not mosquitoes can vaccinate people through their bites.

“Experts believe ‘flying vaccinators’ could be the way forward in tackling the disease rather than pressing on with research into altering the genes of male mosquitoes to make them infertile” 

Early studies showed that mosquitoes were able to protect against leishmaniasis, a disease that results in fever, sores, weight loss and death if not treated. Scientists are still creating a vaccine that can be effective against Malaria and carried by insects.

This study is still in the concept phase, like so many others. Do you think it holds more promise than other theories that have been introduced? Let me know.