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October 25, 2016: Zika Virus Detected in Donated Blood

“U.S. Health officials have confirmed a few units of donated blood in Florida have tested positive for the Zika virus.

“The FDA would not say exactly how many units tested positive, or when and specifically where in Florida those donations were collected. We do know that the blood did not make it’s way into the donation supply.

“This however is the first report of the Zika virus being found in blood donations.

“Back in July, FDA officials banned blood donations in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties until testing could begin.

“In the meantime, the government now recommends all pregnant women who recently spent anytime near Miami-Dade County get tested for the virus. That includes women who lived in or visited the area since August 1.

“Health officials are pushing for the testing even if you do not have any symptoms.”

Source: CBS 12

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