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September 26, 2016: What Does the Zika Rash Look Like?

This update from Naseem S. Miller.

“I came across one of the most precise descriptions of Zika infection symptoms in a recent New Yorker piece by the award-winning author and physician Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee.

“In ‘The Race For A Zika Vaccine,’ Mukherjee follows the virus from one side of the globe to the other and into the laboratories of scientists who are racing to find a vaccine.

“The story starts with the case of a woman who walked into an E.R. in Melbourne, Australia, in April 2014 with symptoms that didn’t quite match anything the doctors had seen.

“The case is what we call today a travel-related case of Zika infection.

“The woman had just returned from the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. She first developed a fever, followed by a mild headache that turned into a persistent throb, Mukhrejee writes.

“’Migratory pains appeared in her joints, and an angry, blanching rash—the kind that pales when you press it—was now blooming across her torso,’ he writes.

“He then further describes the rash as ‘vivid raised red dots coalescing into islands—and the color of her eyes (pink, with streaks of vermillion), which was indicative of conjunctivitis, a symptom of certain viral infections.’

If you’re obsessed with learning about the Zika virus as I am, I highly recommend reading this piece.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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