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May 16, 2016: Tire Disposal Is Another Way to Stave Off Mosquitoes and The Zika Virus Threat

The Argus Leader, part of the USA Today network, reports that “Sioux Falls and the state environmental office hope a new tire disposal program will reduce the chances of the mosquito-carried Zika virus spreading to South Dakota.

“Gov. Dennis Daugaard announced this week the state Board of Water and Natural Resources has approved $650,000 in grant assistance to help local landfills collect and dispose of discarded tires in the communities they serve. Sioux Falls could get as much as $80,000 of those funds to allow the landfill to waive the fees for residents wanting to get rid of unused tires, as well as pay for disposing of the tires collected.”

While the Zika virus has not yet been found in South Dakota, “minimizing the prevalence of standing water – where mosquitoes breed – will help keep it that way,” Daugaard said.

“Although the Zika mosquito vectors have not been detected in South Dakota, they have been identified in neighboring states to our south and east,” he said in a news release. ‘Therefore, it’s prudent to take steps now to help prevent the spread of this virus in our state by removing tires as prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes.’

“In the coming weeks, the Sioux Falls Sanitary Landfill will begin collecting unused tires from city residents at no charge. From there, the tires will either be recycled by a contracted business, or shredded on site and re-used by the Public Works Department.”

Source: Argus Leader

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