Thank You to Our Veterans

Author: Mosquito Squad

Last month, Mosquito Squad was included in the Entrepreneur 2021 Top Franchises for Veterans list, which ranks the top 150 franchises offering incentives and other programs to help veterans become franchisees. Having great respect for the men and women who protect and defend our country, we take pride in our veteran owners. Read on as a few of them share what their service meant to them, and how it prepared them for owning a business.

Sharee Ashford, United States Army Veteran

Georgia-based Mosquito Squad Owner

Sharee Ashford

What Service Has Meant to Me: Service has meant the opportunity to be a part of the change for the greater good. Stepping into a purpose greater than oneself is the ultimate sacrifice and there is no higher honor.

How Military Service Prepared Me for Entrepreneurship: Military service has re-emphasized the value of resiliency and staying the course, two things necessary in entrepreneurship. I feel more prepared to take on the unknown and be more adaptable in changing environments. Overall, military service has enhanced my overall awareness of various life situations.

Capricia Turner, United States Army Veteran

Indiana-based Mosquito Squad Owner
Capricia Turner

What Service Has Meant to Me: My service to our country over the past 20 years has taught me the importance of serving something bigger than myself. The patriotism, discipline, and integrity it instills in you transforms and bleeds into your everyday life and professionalism. Serving in the Armed Forces has been the greatest honor.

How Military Service Prepared Me for Entrepreneurship: [Serving in the military] prepares you for the commitment it takes to be a strong business owner, as well as the team-oriented environment that being in a franchise system provides.

Jon Burton, United States Air Force Veteran

Kansas/Missouri-based Mosquito Squad Owner
Jon Burton

What Service Has Meant to Me: My service in the United States Air Force is very special to me. I was fortunate to serve in our military, just as my great grandfather and father did before me, and I enjoy celebrating each Veterans Day by taking a moment to recognize and thank my father and brother for their military service. I pledged my life to the service of my country and am forever grateful and appreciative of my time in the military. It was an honor to serve my country!

How Military Service Prepared Me for Entrepreneurship: I gained invaluable experience, discipline, and structure in my life. The opportunities and training provided to me through the military prepared me for success in both business and life.

Rusty Cowan,United States Army Veteran

California-based Mosquito Squad Owner
Rusty Cowan

What Service Has Meant to Me: I was a missile man; we worked on the Nike Hercules Missile System, the United States' first surface to air missile system with nuclear capabilities. During the cold war we were prepared to go from dead stop to active warfare in a matter of hours. We practiced the same set of skills daily, every day. We worked with soldiers and technicians from all over the country with a myriad of backgrounds. We were part of an international team, which presented its own challenges. Through this experience I learned that the success of the mission is dependent on everyone doing their part. Follow the plan and do your best.

How Military Service Prepared Me for Entrepreneurship: My time in the military taught me a wide set of communication skills. I learned how to present information in a way that is best perceived by the other person.

Drew Denon, United States Marine Corps Veteran

Illinois-based Mosquito Squad Owner
Marine Corps Image

What Service Has Meant to Me: I love the USA, so serving in our military was important to me.

How Military Service Prepared Me for Entrepreneurship: My service taught me how to be a leader, trained me how to work with people, and showed me the importance of taking care of your people.

Thank you to all the veterans who have served in our military. Our country would not be what it is without your bravery and sacrifice. Happy Veterans Day!

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