Mosquito Season is Fast Approaching

Author: Mosquito Squad

March 8,  approximately 6:15pm, my first mosquito bite of the 2010 season. Geez! It’s only March and last week I was freezing! We’ve had three nice days in a row in Richmond and now the bugs are here.

Last night I got out of work and decided to take my dog for a run. The sun was still out and I could comfortably wear shorts for the workout. It was perfect, until we stopped for all of 2 minutes for a good sniff (the dog, not me) and I got bit! I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was a little early for mosquitoes, but after doing a little research I was wrong. The Washington Post had an article today about the approaching season and new ways scientists are trying to slow the spread of insect-borne disease. Officials in Delaware are getting ready to start spending the $2 million+ they allocate to mosquito control. And Southwest Florida News-Press is giving out tips on how to minimize the number of mosquitoes in there area. The season has officially began!

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