The best article about protecting yourself from tick bites

Author: Mosquito Squad

This article is one of the best I’ve read in a while. The most important facts are culled and succinctly communicated in this article by Rutgers Cooperative Extension on the National Ag Safety Database.

According to the article, these are the high risk factors:

  • Yards surrounded by dense woods.
  • Birdbaths, birdfeeders.
  • Outdoor pets that come indoors.
  • Woodpiles, brushpiles, stone or rock fences.
  • Viewing deer from a window.
  • Swingsets, treehouses in the woods.
  • Outdoor occupations: landscapers, utility line workers, farmers, etc.
  • Outdoor recreation: fresh water fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, etc.

One of the things I read in this article that I might not have thought of is to take a shower after working outdoors in areas such as these. The article says ticks generally crawl around on your body for 30-60 minutes before they bite and begin to feed. Therefore, they can be washed off if they haven’t bitten yet.

Another a-ha for me from this article was the fact that if we find ticks “feeding” on our bodies, we should not try to suffocate them with things like vaseline. This is what we’ve always done. The reason why is the trauma to the tick might cause it to release the lyme disease bacteria.

I highly recommend this read to get great facts quickly.