No Land Is Safe!

Author: Mosquito Squad

Nobody in their right mind will tell you that they enjoy being pestered by mosquitoes. I cannot stand them, and personally the more I learn about this evil little bugger, the more I detest them! I plan to bring you interesting yet disturbing facts throughout the week to help grow your animosity for these pests as well.

This is why I am packing my bags and moving to the sub zero climates of Antarctica where I can live mosquito free… or better yet I will buy a chain saw this weekend and clear every tree and bit of brush within a mile radius of my home… this way I can eliminate the places mosquitoes live… although the neighbors might not be so happy with that idea either!

Ok so maybe I am overreacting a bit.  I wish there was an easy affordable solution to my dilemma. Oh wait there is! An eco friendly barrier spray from Mosquito Squad would do the trick!

There are few places across the globe that offers the luxury of living separate from mosquitoes. This is why a smarter alternative to joining me on my move to Eskimo territory, is a barrier spray which can save you the hassle and send the skeeters packing their bags instead.

“This map shows mosquito habitat distribution for one of four common mosquito species in the US. The red/black areas are results of satellite data analysis showing where particular species of mosquitoes can be found. The yellow lines are the ‘published’ boundaries for where these species can be found. There is a strong correlation between the two. These images were created in support of a story describing how NASA is assisting the CDC and EPA in tracking the spread of West Nile Virus.”