My favorite way to spray my yard for mosquitoes

Author: Mosquito Squad

I had anxiously awaited June 7th because I had just gotten a new Kindle for Mother’s Day. I had pre-ordered Stephenie Meyer’s new “novella” about Bree Tanner that was going to be available on the 7th. I was anxious to see if the whole idea of pre-ordering and timely wireless delivery was really going to work. So I switched on my Kindle and while I waiting, I heard the guys spraying outside. I sat back with my Kindle in my lap enjoying my few stolen moments and thinking about how this was my favorite way to spray – having someone else do it for me!

Mosquito Squad had called the night before to let me know they would be coming but with looking forward to Bree Tanner, I had totally forgotten.

Sure enough, my pre-order downloaded as soon as I turned my Kindle on for the day.

I grabbed my camera for a few pictures of the sprayers. Two sprayers came to my home that day. One efficiently did the front yard one the other efficiently did the back yard. I watched to see where they were spraying because I’ve been amazed at how regardless of where I garden or hang out in my yard, I – the most alluring bug person ever – never seem to get bitten.

One of the places he sprayed I thought was very interesting. Our back yard is a little over-run with ivy. All winter I didn’t go out and prune back the ivy so it’s spreading across the yard and even up a couple trees. But, there are two reasons I’ve been dreading weeding it even more. The first reason is snakes. I know they love to hang out in areas with low-lying ground cover. To make a point of that, my Springer Spaniel happily danced over to me with a dead king snake in her mouth last weekend. While I was disgusted and let out a mammoth shriek, I was also happy that was one less snake in my yard.

But, the other reason I’ve been dreading pruning the ivy ground cover is because that is the sort of area where ticks hang out also. I knew the sprayers would spray all the bushes and other plants but I was tickled pink that they took quite a bit of time walking around the masses of low-lying ivy and sprayed it all very thoroughly.

I went around front to take a quick peak at where they were spraying. We have masses of landscaping in the front but luckily nothing low-lying. I saw their truck nearly hidden from all the overgrown trees and bushes that I also have not worked on yet this year. If you look really closely, you can see it through the trees.

Ah, that was certainly my favorite way to spray my yard for mosquitoes. Now I’m thinking about using the same technique for annual pruning.