Using Twitter to Enhance Your Sales Performance

Author: Mosquito Squad

I found an interesting article on the International Franchise Association’s website regarding Starbucks utilizing Twitter for promotions in the last couple of months. The story goes that Starbucks sent out a promotion for a free pastry with the purchase of a beverage using the coupon only offered through Twitter. The cost of putting together the promotion through Twitter and Facebook cost the company about $12,000. They placed this promotion on the web about 2 days prior to the event and ended up generating $400,000 in sales from this at a rate of almost 410% and an increase in followers by 250,000 people in one week.

While the $12k price tag may be a bit steep in a beginning small business, the theory still stands true. By offering “web only” deals through Twitter and Facebook or other social media outlets, people are more likely to follow them and increase sales through these deals at low cost of advertising.

Whether it’s a $500 off coupon promotion for an Archadeck Structure, a $200 off deal for an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ project or $25 off your next barrier spray with Mosquito Squad, the theory stands true… people will follow you if you are offering them incentives to do so; giving you the open dialogue not only offer deals, but create a persona as the expert in your field and educate them along the way!