Watch Fireworks and Fight the Bite!

Author: Mosquito Squad

The day is getting closer by the moment! I fired up my grill yesterday to make sure that everything is up and running. Now I’m trying to make the critical decision to cook up some steaks or go with my special cheeseburger recipe. Either way I know I won’t be the only one with outdoor plans or manning the grill come 4th of July. It is arguably the mother of all weekend barbeque cookouts. After all what’s better than hanging with friends and family, maybe having a couple drinks, and eating good food? All followed by the big firework finale at the end of the night! However I wanted to remind you, that to my knowledge, Mosquitoes also observe this beloved holiday. So you better believe they will be on the prowl, excited about the variety of people to pester.

With all the time and effort that goes into a great family/friend get together, don’t let these little buggers ruin your time. Check out a Mosquito Squad in your area to get a great deal on a “Special Event” spray. They can complete the spray now and you will be protected for the next 21 days, and ready to party only an hour later! Oh and don’t worry about the harmful chemicals… the product used is actually considerably less toxic that “DEET”, the chemical found in most all insect repellants that are applied to your skin!

So make this coming holiday memorable and bite free!