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Can My Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Harbor Ticks?

Tick on a leaf

Can My Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Harbor Ticks?

The vast majority of the insects that make our lives miserable during the summer months have died off or vanished into their winter burrows now that winter is almost here, ticks included. However, these insects remained active for longer than you might think. While ticks are known for being prevalent during the summer, they can be found in large quantities as late as October! Ticks are highly reliant on other animals for blood, their source of nutrients, and adult ticks will often go searching for a final blood meal when winter’s cold weather approaches. Unlike mosquitoes, whose adults won’t survive the winter, ticks can live for up to three years in the wild. Winter means ticks will start to search for places to overwinter, and pre-dug holes by rodents and other animals are prime targets. What does this behavior mean for your Christmas festivities? Will a tick end up in your home?

The short answer is that this scenario is unlikely. Ticks don’t live on trees during the winter, and they’re not often found on trees even in the warmer months. These creatures tend to stick close to the ground or in tall grasses and shrubs. Likely, the only point of concern is accidentally bringing a tick egg into your home. These are laid on or in subterranean burrows, so you’re no more likely to bring an egg home in your tree as on the sole of your shoe. Ticks aren’t the only insects that might live on your tree, though, so double-check to see if there are any egg sacks, cocoons, or even sawdust that might indicate an insect lurks within.

In the case that you do find a tick, don’t wait to act. The are numerous tick-disposal methods, including placing them in rubbing alcohol, dropping them in a zip lock bag and disposing of them, and many others.

Bergen County tick control; stay prepared!

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve worked for nearly two decades to ensure our customers are defended against ticks and the diseases they can carry. With our pioneering treatment options, which include barrier protection treatments and tick tubes, we can guarantee significant reductions in the tick population on your property. Don’t allow ticks to maintain a stronghold on your property. Your outdoor enjoyment and health depend on it!

Ticks are unlikely to live on your Christmas tree but stay wary just in case. For next season Bergen County tick control is available from Mosquito Squad of Bergen & Passaic County. Give us a call at (609) 735-6057.

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