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Would you pay $3 – $4 a day to get rid of 90%+ of the ticks in your yard this summer?

More than 400 years ago, Edward Topsell penned the phrase, “Penny-wise or pound-foolish”. Today, we discuss the “cost-benefit analysis” of purchases. Whatever your preference in clichés, the cost of any decision we make may involve money – either now or in the future. What we often don’t consider is the cost of not making a decision. Many of us think if we make a decision not to purchase something there is no cost to us. Most of us learn early in life that’s not the case in some things like insurance and regular health checkups. The same thing applies to Lyme Disease prevention.

Lyme Disease is often treated quickly in only a few weeks with antibiotics. However, once infected with the disease, patients can suffer long-term debilitating conditions. recently reported on a study showing what many of the survivors of Lyme Disease have to contend with after successful treatment. The research article, Proof That Chronic Lyme Disease Exists reported that when researchers followed a cohort group of 215 patients in Westchester County, 62% of them were found to have joint pain, arthritis and cardiac or neurological involvement, with or without fatigue for a mean time of 3.2 years.

There is certainly a cost in treating a case of Lyme Disease. How much does it cost to prevent it? Preventing Lyme Disease, as well as other tick-borne diseases, begins with reducing your exposure to ticks. The tick perimeter or barrier sprays recommended by experts can eliminate up to 90% of the ticks on your property. Customers of Sub:BusinessName} pay approximately $3 – $4 per day for these treatments during our tick season. The total cost for this preventive program is approximately $900 for the season for a one-acre property. Along with reducing medical costs, tick disease prevention also reduces the chance of you or anyone in your family suffering from a long-term debilitating condition after the disease is treated successfully.

So, the question again is “penny-wise or pound-foolish?” We’ve done the cost-benefit analysis in this story for you. We think the case is compelling for every homeowner to use an effective tick perimeter mist. This is especially true in a northeast state like ours where Lyme Disease is endemic. At Mosquito Squad of Westchester County, we treat your yard with a barrier/perimeter mist every 21 days throughout the entire season thus reducing the number of ticks on your property by 90% or more.