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Ticks – Let’s Tick Them Off For Good

How to get rid of ticks before the bite!

Here is how to get rid of them with the 6 C’s

  1. Clear out yard debris
  2. Clean leaf litter
  3. Choose plants deer hate
  4. Check tick hiding places
  5. Care for pets with tick collars
  6. Call us for barrier sprays and tick tubes!

Did you know May is also Lyme Disease Awareness Month?   Here are some quick facts on the disease…

  • Lyme disease is transmitted in the U.S. by a variety of ticks of the genus Ixodes: the deer tick (Northeast and North-Central), the Western black-legged tick (Pacific Coast), and the black-legged tick (Southeast).
  • Lyme disease was first discovered in Lyme, CT, in 1975.
  • A corkscrew-shaped bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, of the spirochetes family, is the pathogen behind the disease.
  • The disease can afflict other animals (dogs, for instance, which develop arthritic symptoms).

Stayed tuned to see how our office is Taking a bite out of Lyme Disease this month.