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Top Ten Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Mosquitoes

When we talk with customers, we hear many things they have heard about mosquitoes.  One of our favorites is that eating a banana will make someone more attractive to mosquitoes.  Another often-repeated piece of advice is to eat garlic because mosquitoes hate the smell of it on our skin.  Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe said, “Gentlemen prefer blondes.”  We’ve heard mosquitoes prefer them also. Scientists continue to search for the answers to why some people are mosquito magnets.  They know body chemistry does play a role.  The problem is isolating all the elements and compounds that make us attractive to mosquitoes. We will share some links at the end of this “test” that will help you understand why some people are actually more attractive to mosquitoes.  For now, let’s learn some interesting facts.

The answers are at the end of the questions, so be sure and not peak until you are finished answering all ten questions.  Good Luck!

1) Are you being bitten by the same mosquitoes all summer-long?  What are the most number of days they live

  1. 2 weeks
  2. 1 month
  3. More than 3 months

2) You may have heard that female mosquitoes do all the biting.  Is it ever possible that a male mosquito would bite us?

  1. Yes
  2. No

3) Some hummingbird wings beat 200 times per second.  How fast do a mosquito’s wings beat per second?

  1. 100 beats per second
  2. 250 beats per second
  3. 500 beats per second
  4. 600 beats per second

4) You know that after a big meal (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) some people will take a nap to assist their digestion.  Do mosquitoes nap after a big blood meal?

  1. Yes
  2. No

5) Where do mosquitoes live?

  1. Warm and wet regions
  2. Warm and dry regions
  3. Arctic regions
  4. All of the above

6) Are mosquitoes like vampires?  How much more do they bite when there is a full moon?

  1. 5 times more
  2. 10 times more
  3. 100 times more
  4. 500 times more

7) What disease cause more deaths worldwide each year than mosquito-borne illnesses?

  1. Heart disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Typhoid Fever
  4. None of the above

8) Mosquitoes can live for several weeks without a blood meal.  They are able to feed on nectar and fruit juices.

  1. True
  2. False

9) We all know mosquitoes are very small.  How many eggs can a female mosquito lay at one time.

  1. 500-750
  2. 300-400
  3. 100-300
  4. 25-50

10) How many species of mosquitoes do we have in North America?

  1. More than 500
  2. Approximately 300
  3. Approximately 175
  4. Fewer than 100

The answers to the questions are at the bottom of this story.  The questions and answers were developed from a fact-filled website on mosquito facts hosted by Fairfax County Virginia website.  We wanted to put a little distance between the questions and answers and share those links we promised earlier.

Here are some links you can browse to learn more about what makes some of us more attractive to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes carry a large number of diseases.  More people travel each year to and from regions in all corners of the world.  As a result, he CDC and scientists around the world are seeing mosquito-borne illnesses from regions popping up more frequently in regions where they were previously unknown, including Connecticut.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed these top ten facts and the links shared above.

  1. Answer:  C
  2. Answer:  B
  3. Answer:   C
  4. Answer:  A
  5. Answer:  D
  6. Answer:  D
  7. Answer:  D
  8. Answer:  A
  9. Answer:  C
  10. Answer:  C