Do I only need tick control in spring and summer?

Tick on a leaf

In some regions of the country, tick control is mainly relegated to the spring and summer months.

However, that is not true for Austin TX. With our warm climate, ticks can be quite active in the fall. Ticks can even quest for their blood meals on warm winter days in Austin. For these reasons, it is advisable to continue your tick control efforts beyond summertime.

Does Austin have a tick season?

In the past, what we might have referred to as a “tick season” could be more clearly defined. Today is a different story, though. Warmer average temperatures have further blurred the lines between seasons. Peak tick season occurs primarily from spring through fall. The peak activity of ticks, such as the common Lone Star tick and the black-legged tick, usually occurs from April to September when the weather is humid, and temperatures are consistently above 45°F.

Can you contract tick-borne illnesses in the fall and winter?

Since ticks can quest during periods of warm weather in the fall and winter in Austin TX, it is absolutely possible to contract a tick-borne illness during these seasons. We have a few tick species in the Austin area, which are capable of making us sick. Here are some Austin tick species, along with diseases they can carry.

  • Black-legged ticks: Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, babesiosis
  • Groundhog ticks: Powassan virus (also spread by black-legged ticks)
  • American dog ticks: Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia
  • Brown dog ticks: canine ehrlichiosis, canine babesiosis

Tick control knows no season in Austin TX.

Mosquito Squad offers tailored tick control solutions for your home and business, which continues working all year long. In the spring, summer, and early fall, our barrier tick protection sprays work to keep your residential and commercial property protected for two or three weeks between treatments. In the late fall and winter seasons, our tick tube program will fight tick populations at their source, resulting in fewer ticks emerging in the spring.

Don’t allow “out-of-season” ticks to get out of control. Trust Mosquito Squad of Austin for guaranteed residential and commercial tick control. Contact us today at (512) 488-5331.

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